How It Works

Scripture Box automates a popular rotational memory system designed to help you retain Scripture...and just about anything else. Simply recite or read the text you're working on once or twice a day. Once memorized, the text moves along in the rotation so that you review it less and less (but still often enough to retain it). And it takes just a few minutes each day and isn't burdensome.

Step By Step Examples

  • Getting Started. Set up your first rotation - it's easy and takes just a couple minutes.
  • Email Delivery. Start reviewing your verses/texts right from your inbox.
  • Multiple Boxes. Create additional boxes to have more than one rotation.

How does the rotation work?

  • Every verse moves through four rotational categories:
    1. Daily (reviewed every day)
    2. Odd / Even (reviewed every other day)
    3. Day of Week (reviewed once per week)
    4. Day of Month (reviewed once per month)
  • When a new verse is added to the Daily slot, all other verses advance to the next position in the rotation.
  • Only one verse occupies a category at a time (except for the Day of Month category).
  • When a verse reaches the Day of Month category, it occupies the day that has the least number of verses already assigned. It remains at that place from then on.
Because Scripture Box automates the entire process above, you see the verses you're supposed to see for the current day in one need to shuffle through or organize index cards. For example, if you open the application on Wed, Nov 21, you might see something like the following:
  • Daily - Psalm 1
  • Odd - Isaiah 43:1-2
  • Wed - Romans 4:5
  • Day 21 - John 3:16-17
  • Day 21 - Matthew 11:28
Scripture Box also provides many convenient features, including:
  • Multiple Boxes - create multiple boxes for different people in your family, or perhaps for different subjects
  • Custom Books - categorize non-Biblical texts (e.g. catechisms, poems, hymns, etc.) in a way that makes sense to you
  • Email Delivery - review each day's verses right from your inbox, at the time of your choosing
  • Day of Week Exclusions - remove one or more days from your weekly rotation to fit your schedule
  • Inactive Verses - add verses without including them in your rotation until you're ready
  • Anywhere, Any Device - the web app enables you to access your verses from any internet-connected device

Have questions? See the FAQs or email us at

Scripture Box includes a fee of $9.99 per year (less than $1 per month) following a 30-day trial period. Why a fee?