"I really wanted to be consistent about memorizing not only Bible verses but also poetry and a catechism. When I didn’t feel like creating a template for cards to fit into the box or handwriting the entire catechism, I turned to the Scripture Box app, which is also web based. So. Much. Easier." ~ The App That Rescued Our Memory Work

Becky - ReligiousAffections.org

"We just love Scripture Box in our family! All my children are learning separate memory verses each week and the new multi-box functionality helps us keep on track. We also appreciate the daily emails as they prompt me to help the children recite their verses and refresh them each day. The app is very easy to set up, use and maintain. It saves on so much paperwork and really is a wonderful way to keep God’s word in our minds and on our hearts. Ps – Tim has been so responsive to suggestions and any needs or issues we might have – a very helpful developer all round!"

Emelia - Queensland, Australia

"Scripture Box is so convenient and helpful. I love that everything is in one place. We can do memory work wherever because I always have my phone with me. My favorite is that my husband gets it emailed to him daily too and can keep up on what we are working on while he is at work."

Christa W - Bakersfield, CA

"Scripture Box is a great app! I love that it automatically syncs my verses across my tablet, desktop and laptop computers - everywhere I go I have access to my most current list of verses. And having today’s verses emailed to me every morning means they’re right there in front of me when I start the day - I’ve been more diligent about memorizing verses than ever, thanks to Scripture Box. Well done!!"

Danny C. - Seattle, WA

"Scripture Box...makes it easy and convenient and for the first time we’re reviewing and memorizing Scripture with much more consistency! I love how I can have it open on my iPhone, my husband has it on his iPad, and it’s also available to pull up on the desktop computer. But the benefits don’t end there. The added feature of having the verses e-mailed to a number of e-mail addresses puts the verses in front of my children’s eyes (and minds) earlier in the day when they check e-mail."

Laura B. - Texarkana, TX