Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Scripture Box cost?

Following a 30-day free trial, an annual fee of $9.99 (less than $1 per month) helps offset the costs of providing this service. This fee does not automatically renew, so you have complete control over your subscription. Read more about why a fee exists and the benefits provided.

How is Scripture Box different from other memorization apps?

Scripture Box has one primary goal - automating the rotation of whatever you're memorizing, and presenting those texts to you in a clean, concise manner for easy review. Other good memorization apps have their own methodologies and strengths (games, music, etc.). Scripture Box doesn't try to do everything. It is designed to do one thing well.

In pursuit of this goal, a number of convenient features are provided to help you memorize and retain what you're working on. You can read more about these helpful features or take a look at how the rotational system works.

Is there an iPhone version?

An iOS app doesn't exist at this time. We've chosen to focus efforts on providing a good web app experience so that all devices (smart phones, tablets, desktop computers) running all operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac) can take advantage of the tool.

Can the app pull in verses from other sources (e.g. biblegateway) without requiring me to type them by hand?

Licensing restrictions currently prevent us from pulling verses from other sources. However, an easy alternative is to copy/paste from your favorite digital sources.

Can I share my verses with others who are using Scripture Box?

The app does not provide this feature at the current time due to potential copyright infringements.

Can I export the verses I enter into Scripture Box?

Yes, you can export your verses to XML and CSV format. These export options are available within the Settings page. (Note: This export feature has not been fully tested and is provided for convenience. If assistance is needed please let us know.)

For what scenario should I create a new Box?

Create a new box when you want to group together a set of verses or texts having a separate memory rotation. A common use of multiple boxes is to allow for different rotations for various family members. Any text you enter can be shared by multiple boxes, with each box deciding where that text appears in its rotation.

What do you do with my information when I log in?

Your information is kept private. See our privacy policy for details.