Privacy Policy

What information is collected and how is it used?

If you create a local Scripture Box account, your email address and password are stored in addition to any other information you provide (e.g. name, secondary email addresses, etc.). Even though your password is encrypted, you are strongly encouraged to choose a password that is unique to this site. It is not wise to reuse passwords associated with other sites (e.g. bank accounts, email, blogs, etc.).

If you log in using one of the third-party identity providers (i.e. Microsoft, Google or Facebook), Scripture Box will store the user Id provided by that identiy provider in addition to the other basic information that is provided by that identity provider (e.g. name, email, etc.). This information is used to associate your verses uniquely to you as well as to contact you concerning important product updates.

Usage information tied to your Id may be collected to help us improve the application.

The information collected is neither shared with nor sold to anyone. Should you desire to discontinue use of the application and have your personal information removed, you may request this by contacting us at