Memorize more, Organize less
Review the right verses on the right day...automatically.

Scripture Box helps you memorize and retain your favorite verses (and just about anything else) using an automated rotational system. No index cards to manage. The right verses on the right day - simply open and review.

Automated Rotation - adding a new verse is easy Today View - easily see all verses for the day in one place Email Delivery - you set the time, we'll deliver
  1. Concise. Simple. Effective. Takes just a few minutes each day.
  2. Easy. As new verses are added, existing verses automatically advance to the next position.
  3. Flexible. Options to fit your needs including email delivery, day of week exclusions, inactive verses, verse sharing and Cloud sync capabilities.
  4. Accessible. Scripture Box can be accessed from any device (e.g. smart phone, tablet, desktop) using a browser.
  5. Affordable. $4.99/year provides access to all features using any modern, web-enabled device.
    multiple devices
Also available as a Windows 8 app. Download Scripture Box from the Windows Store.